Aries Jimenez on Top Frugal Living Tips

Top Frugal Living Tips San Deigo Wealth Management

Aries Jimenez shares his best Frugal Living Tips with Scratch Wireless this week.

Top Frugal Living Tips: 28 Experts Share Ideas and Advice on How to Live Frugally


Aries Jimenez

Aries Jimenez is a Personal Finance Expert, a Registered Assistant Wealth Manager and Director of Business Development at San Diego Wealth Management. Aries has a Series 7 Registration, Series 66 Registration, CA Life Health Property and Casualty Insurance Licenses as well as a CA Real Estate License. He has worked in the Financial Services industry since 2005.

My top frugal living tips fall into three main categories and they are…

Spending Less

– Pay as much as possible in cash
– Create a list of cheap activities to do on the weekends (Drive-in movies; picnic at the park)
– Avoid eating out and plan your meals in advance

Saving More

– Set up your savings automatically (Pay yourself first)
– Create a separate savings account for each goal (ex. Emergency savings, travel, house down payment)


– Create a standard weekly groceries list
– Have a weekly budget based on paying things in cash (helps control spending)
– Canceling cable is a big expense (It’s a want, not a need)

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